Thank you so much!!! Within 15 minutes the off hand interference was gone and I’m shooting just like a pro. This is the greatest basketball product I have ever had. I will definitely recommend this product!

Matt Lepine
Mundare, Canada

My Name is Will I have a 12 year old son who has been playing basketball since he was 5 years old. His favorite part of the game is shooting. He is well known in the AAU circuit as a knock down shooter but last season after changing his shooting form we encountered many instances where his shot would drift to the left and right. After evaluating his shot I determined that he was what we call Thumbing the ball with his guide hand. I spent weeks looking for a tool to change this issue then I found the SHOOT NATURAL. This has not only corrected the issue but has made my son’s shot much more consistent. This glove does exactly what it advertises. It’s a great tool to not only improve your shot but to also teaches proper mechanics. Thank you Shoot Natural for this wonderful product and helping my son become a more consistent shooter.

Will Germain
Brooklyn NY

Verified Amazon Purchaser Reviews

= Definitely helps teach you not to use left hand and shows kids how much they actually are or have used it.

= Bought this for our youngest son..he says it’s awesome and his shot is getting a lot better..Thanks!! – Eric S

= Amazing quality! Helped me shoot better. Letting me have less grip of the ball with my guide hand and improving my dominant hand. – Theresa N.

= Great product! – Mark D.

= Helped my shot a ton. – Julie M

= My son loves this! – Jean M