Top Basketball Training Aids You Need to Try

Basketball is a game with many facets, with each skill requiring deliberate practice in order to improve one’s overall game. While it can take a lifetime to become a master in all of them, there are some great tools designed to make that learning and growing process quicker and easier.

There are many basketball training aids in the market today, but there are only a few that will not end up in either the trash can or forgotten in the back of the locker. These are the top basketball training aids that we recommend:

Shoot Natural Glove | Basketball Shooting Training Aid

The best tool for correcting and perfecting your shot is the Shoot Natural™ Training Glove. It keeps your support hand straight and prevents the thumb from interfering with your shot. Building the muscle memory to not let the support hand influence the shot will do wonders for improving your shot. If you have a problem with inconsistent shots (your ball fading to the sides of the basket), then this is definitely a product you shouldn't practice without.

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Practice at least half an hour a day with the Shoot Natural™ and you’ll have a straighter, more consistent, and more powerful shot in no time.

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Baden SkilCoach Heavy Trainer Rubber Basketball

Need a heavier basketball, but don’t want to throw and dribble around a 5-pound medicine ball? This heavy basketball is designed to be shot, passed, and dribbled like a regulation basketball, but it’s heavier.

The SkilCoach Heavy Trainer weighs around twice that of a regular basketball, so it can help you develop arm, wrist, and finger strength. Your dribbles will become faster, shots more effortless, and passes tighter.

Unique Sports Dribble Specs

These specs are meant to help you practice your ball handling by forcing you to rely solely on feel instead of sight. The lower portion of the lenses on these goggles are covered. If you look down to see the ball you’re dribbling, you don’t see the defender and you’ll do badly.

They’re made of soft plastic, so they don’t get painful when worn for a long time and won’t leave a mark on your face afterwards. Since you can still see through the upper portion, you can still shoot and pass.

Shoot Natural Training

If you're a visual learner and wants to learn from the pro, like Donald Sloan and Dan Dickau, you'll certainly enjoy the Free Shoot Natural Training with lessons on NBA Shooting Workout, Shooting Natural, and Dribbling Exercises with the Shoot Natural™! There are even printable worksheets that you can download and use as you work through the exercises involved in the lessons.

SKLZ Dribble Stick Basketball Dribble Trainer

The Dribble Stick serves many functions, primarily for training your ball handling through letting you construct drills. There are four smaller sticks that can be attached to the main one, letting you create obstacles and markers. When used properly, it can promote better ball handling mechanics.

It can als be used for agility drills, plyometrics, and so on. You may be able to come up with your own way to incorporate the Dribble Stick to your practice routine.

SKLZ Shot Spotz Basketball Training Markers

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s no different in basketball. What keeps basketball practice interesting is having lots of different drills and exercises to help improve one’s game. The more engaged you are, the more you’ll want to practice. That’s what the Shot Spotz is designed for.

These weather-resistant rubber disks can be used for shooting, passing, dribbling, and other sorts of drills. Players can learn to better recall positions on the floor, so they know where they need to be in various situations and plays. The digital time lets you create time pressure for your drills.

SKLZ D-Man Basketball Trainer for Offensive and Defensive Drills

If you’re practicing all alone, it may get boring just shooting around and dribbling by yourself after a while. What you need is someone or something to guard you so you can practice your offense. The D-Man has you covered, letting you practice your jab steps, crossovers, and perimeter jumpers with little need for downtime.

It can also be used to practice your defense. You can improve your footwork and mechanics with the D-Man. It only takes a few minutes to be set up and it includes ground stakes for added stability. You can then disassemble it and take it or store it wherever you want.

FitDeck Illustrated Exercise Playing Cards for Guided Workouts

If you’re feeling directionless with your training, then you need some help. The FitDeck gives you illustrated guides on every drill and exercise you can do during practice, whether you’re alone or working out with friends and teammates.

Shuffle the cards, draw one, and do the indicated exercise to get started. It doesn’t just have basketball exercises, but also stretching, weight training, resistance tube training, core exercises, yoga, and so on. It’s a total fitness package.

DribbleUp Smart Basketball With Included Virtual Trainer App

This Smart Basketball lets you take your dribbling skills to the next level by making use of a smartphone app to help train you. The ball has a sensor that can be tracked by the app, so it knows what you’re doing. It can then track your performance, give you a rating, and tell you what you can do to improve.

The Smart Basketball is made of microfiber composite cover, making it durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Of course, these are just tools and it’s still up to the player to have the desire to improve and the work ethic to back it up. But when used properly, these training aids can definitely make your journey towards basketball greatness much smoother, faster, and more stimulating.