Shoot Natural FAQs

The Shoot Natural Concept is simple, but revolutionary. Less feel = Less pressure. That simple statement is the key to eliminating off-hand interference and making your shot much more consistent. It’s named Shoot Natural™ because it is non-restrictive, allows you to take normal shots, and creates muscle memory and brain/hand coordination without even thinking about it – and that is the key to a much more dominant one-handed shot.

Less pressure and feeling in the off-hand naturally transfers the pressure and feeling to the shooting hand, resulting in a shot with more power, increased accuracy, improved stability, smoother release, and overall, a much more dominant one handed shot! A coach, trainer, or professional player can tell you many times how you shoot the ball, but until you understand exactly how it should feel, it is difficult to replicate that shot consistently. Shoot Natural™ takes out the middle man & trains your brain exactly how a balanced shot should feel, which makes practice time much more effective.

No it’s not just for form development. It helps advanced shooters with good form by helping with the release of the shot by eliminating off-hand interference. The slightest off-hand interference is the difference between a good shooter and a GREAT shooter.

Measure the distance from the bottom of your palm to the top of your middle finger. If it's less than 7 inches you will need a Small/Medium. If it's longer than 7 inches you will need a Large/Extra Large.

Shoot Natural™ is the only training aid that encourages & teaches the muscle memory of a natural shot, just as you will take it in the game. Other training aids are very restrictive and use unnatural tools like bands to adjust your shot, and the reality is that those are just not natural movements for the body and isn’t how you will actually be taking the shot when game time rolls around. It’s also one of the only tools that addresses the main issue of an inconsistent shot – by completely disabling the thumb and eliminating off-hand interference immediately.

Yes, the Shoot Natural™ glove is reversible and can be worn comfortable by both right & left-handed shooters.